Fixer from 11th-15th March

Posted 14-01-2014, wanted

I'm an Australian photographer/author wanting to work with a fixer from 11th-15th March while I capture images for my next book. Someone who understands photography, can translate for me and is locally visually savvy and happy to approach people or not that I photograph. I don’t shoot posed images. I'm imagining meandering down streets or off course in local areas that speak of BAness and stopping wherever to capture any and everything that pops up and interests me - people, buildings or urbanscapes, colour, hand crafted, decayed or other details. I want to have fun with someone understands photography and has a good feeling and eye for possibilities. I will contrast BA with other cultures I have captured already. I will be shooting for my next book and also just for myself-my photo library. This is my fourth book, you can see more about that on my webpage:
Real, is as much a visual book as a book of words:
Illustrated with images from more than 20 countries Real is about looking around you with awareness, quiet details, knowing that time changes things and reminds us that despite this honesty, empathy and community values remain potent and need to be reaffirmed. The ageless acts of kindness, compassion, gentleness, connectedness and a deep and loving concern for all that’s around us are valued.Real is about appreciating the imperfect, the agelessness of integrity, acceptance, beauty and an involvement in creating it, ancient crafts and craftsmanship and letting things age with grace. It acknowledges that we are all alike, we all have a desire for warmth and love, and that there’s dignity in simple things.
I hope to hear from someone who would be proud to show me their city.

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