Full Time Studio Assistant

Posted 26-01-2016, wanted

Sunbeam Studios is on the lookout for a Full Time Studio Assistant.
This is a varied roll suitable for recent graduates with a photography or film degree or someone with a proven strong interest in film and photography. We will be looking for experience in customer service positions (non-photo related is fine). Successful candidates will have energy, initiative, willingness to learn and an eye for detail.
The job has varied responsibilities with key tasks including:
- Maintain exceptional customer service
- Building maintenance
- Assisting with set builds
- Turning over studios and painting coves
- Getting clients photographic equipment
- Working well in a small tight core team
- Checking equipment in and out
- Serving our clients breakfast and lunch
- Making tea & coffee
- Clearing and washing dishes
- Making your mark and ensuring our clients are impressed with Sunbeam

The job requires someone practical and willing to be physically involved with heavy lifting, basic construction, climbing ladders and scaffold towers. It is physical work where you are on your feet most of the day.

In addition to photo and film shoots we also host conferences, launches, and private parties for a variety of clients. We also regularly cater to external clients. You will be required to work on any job taken on by Sunbeam. This will give you a wide breadth of experience and knowledge.

The standard working week is 50 hours (incl. breaks) and will include weekends. You will tend to work four day weeks. Knowledge of film and photography equipment is preferred but not essential.

Full clean driving licence is preferred. We take a lot of pride in our staff and a great deal of this has to do with keeping a friendly, fun and professional work environment.

The perks of the job include our training program which includes attending Direct Assist Training Day plus you will be able to shoot in our studios during your free time. Our previous assistants have valued their time here. Our assistants leave here more confident and stronger with a great set of contacts, much better equipment knowledge and understanding of what it really means to be a fashion and celebrity photographer. We offer overtime, sick pay and holiday pay.

If this sounds like a job you’d be interested in please send your CV and cover letter to amy@sunbeamstudios.com

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