Graphic Designer

Posted 30-09-2014, wanted

Duarte is looking for a seasoned designer who takes pride in bringing to life great work and being an active member of a sharp presentation, media, and graphic design team. You are adept in use of your tools (Adobe CS), and are comfortable at the whiteboard or your sketchpad collaborating with clients and other designers to problem solve visual challenges. Duarte is growing and having fun while doing it, with plenty of work to go around.

You're going to respond to this because this describes you to the letter:
Outstanding portfolio
Able to lead and delegate; experience leading projects that involve working with a team
Comfortable pitching ideas and brainstorming with clients and team members
4-6 years professional experience
Understand that design is communication and not fine arts
Visual problem solver: can identify and solve information hierarchy challenges
A process thinker: can be confronted with a design challenge and see a step-by-step approach for coming up with a solution
Professional and diplomatic: comfortable working with non-designers to draw out what they need to execute a project
Lives a streamlined workflow between CS apps
Doesn't wait around for things to happen
Asks questions until the next steps are absolutely clear in their mind's eye
Personal accountability is the backbone of your DNA
You're always in learning mode
Is a constructive advocate for doing things right, with honest intent, and in a way that they'd be proud of any day of the week, and month of the year.

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