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Posted 17-11-2014, wanted

Calling All Designers

It’s an exciting time at Fathom and they're looking to add a few more designers to their dedicated, witty and über-creative crew. You'll work side-by-side their digital marketing and development teams creating everything from interactive infographics to enterprise-level websites and everything in between.

You'll learn a lot, including things you may not have anticipated such as how to brew beer grown from their rooftop hop farm, how to make a perfect macchiato from their in-house baristas at Slipstream and how to throw an impromptu gallery party for 100 of your best friends in the DC creative community. But the best part is at the end of each day when you're sporting a wide grin knowing you pumped out great work for clients who deeply appreciate your special touch of awesomeness.


• 3-5 years’ experience working in a studio/agency or similar environment

• Smart, sophisticated and diverse portfolio demonstrating your prowess in digital, informational and typographic design

• Microscopic attention to detail, efficiency and pride in your work

• Total domination of Adobe and Office Suites

• Natural creativity that leaks out your fingertips and a glass-half-full attitude


• CSS/HTML, WordPress customization

• Pushing Prezi to its limits

• Killer karaoke skills

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