Graphic Designer

Posted 28-11-2014, offered

Werbecompany Meran are looking for a Graphic Designer to join the team.
Who we are:

Who they are looking for:
- Graphic designer/AD with Graduation from University
- Somebody who has a lot of creative ideas, a sensitive eye for design and typographie, new designs and concepts
- Work experience, CD/ CI, print, campaigns
- Experience in packaging-design is an advantage
- Experience in screendesign is an advantage
- Experience with adobe creative suite/ cloud
- Somebody who loves to work in a team
- You don’t have to speak Italian

We provide:
- A full time contract with a good career perspective
- Many challenging projects in different industries
- 13 + 1 monthly salaries per year
- Good payment
- 28,5 payed vacation days
- Perfect technical infrastructure on the latest level of technique
- High life quality

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