Graphic Designer for Kenwood Experiences

Posted 18-03-2016, offered

SOMA agency is looking to add a FT graphic designer with a preternatural eye for line, weight, kerning, trapping, color and composition to add to their dream team of art directors, production designers and producers.

If you're the sort of person who stays up at night thinking about InDesign plug-ins, word counts, infographics, UI/UX trends, compression artifacts, color grading, Illustrator hotkeys, pixel hinting and the role of design in a crazy world where we say things like 'share of voice' and 'sponsored content' this could be the start of something beautiful.


Design obsessed type with 2-5'ish years of experience who straddles the world between solving mundane, 'business bro' layout challenges and visualizing stunning ideas that play out across print, screen and OOH - leaving onlookers breathless. You worship at the altar of Adobe CC . You can make an Apple Keynote preso so simple, beautiful and comprehensible it makes Dieter Rams tear up.

You freebase pop culture, cruise Behance in your spare time and treat the execution of your design work as though it was a life and death matter. You live in the Bay Area or are prepared to relocate here.


Independent SOMA agency nestled in the eye of the dragon that is South Park. We work with tech, gaming and automotive brands you know and some that fly UTR. On any given day we're mixing digital, live and traditional creative to drive results and make clients really happy.

Culture: We're almost serious about coffee, dogs, bikes (road or mountain) and nerd stuff. The office is on the better side of awesome IMHO. We expect a lot from each other, but we're also super generous when it comes to work styles.

So. If you made it to this part of the posting - and you have a killer Behance portfolio +resume to share, let's get crackin. Like Shia LaBeouf said: Don't let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it!

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