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Posted 6-11-2012, wanted

I'm a video editor, director, 5D operator and photographer living and working in Barcelona.

I previously have worked at a multitude of companies in London and helped create and grow www.scorchlondon.com from a 3 man business up to the 17 strong leader of corporate film in the capital. I urge you to check out some of the work on their site as I have been involved in some capacity with every piece of work on there, from production to animation to editing.

I have worked on an amazing variety of videos over the past ten years including, documentary, corporate and promotional films for Adidas, Ebay, Atari, Samsung, short films, features and music videos. Each meticulously crafted to each client's specific needs.

I am intent on using motion graphics, arresting camera work and filling each film with an fresh individuality. As a musician and lover of music and, as my showreel will testify, a sense of rhythm is one of my strong points as an editor and I have always had a sixth sense for what pace is necessary for each section of any film be it narrative, interview or montage.

Taking a leap of faith and a drastic change of lifestyle in relocating to Spain, my open-mindedness and drive to create something wonderful through new experiences is something I know I have and can achieve. I know as an editor and director who has worked with 100's of producers that the balance between what the client thinks they want and what actually works in the best way it can for a film is a tricky area but one which I have handled time and time again, always surpassing the expectation of all in what has been realised and delivered.

I am looking for fun and progressive companies to work for and I'd love to meet and chat about working for you, even if it's just to meet new people in a city I'm still getting to know!

A short reel is available for you to view here:


I look forward to hearing from you,

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