Illustrator / Matt-Painting Artist / Stop-Motion Animator

Posted 2-09-2013, offered

Gitesh Kohli

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Job Category
Animation : Stop Motion

Job Type
Part Time

Career Level

Pay / Salary
Deferred : $45.00 - $160.00

Experience Required
2+ Years

Education Required

Job Description

I am a Delhi-based filmmaker and running a small film boutique in South Delhi.

While searching for some talent for a project, I came across this forum. Its really fascinating to see some amazing piece of work here.

I have conceptualized an idea for a stop-motion film and looking forward to collaborate with some incredible Matt Painters & Illustrators on this venture, especially for the art-direction.

I will also be requiring the assistance of a Stop Motion Animator for advanced stop motion techniques.

Kindly touch base if interested so that we can discuss further in detail.

Gitesh Kohli

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