Job Offer Junior VizRT Artist

Posted 3-06-2014, wanted

Experience: .5+ (on Vizrt), 2+ years Production

Must live in the Los Angeles area to work

Position Description
The Junior Viz Artist creates and modifies template for projects that he/she is assigned to. They are involved in all the Delivery and Support phases of the creative process. It is a Junior Viz Artists responsibility to communicate to the Graphics Producer or Lead Artist a timeline of how long a project would take. It is their responsibility to assure the quality of their work and that it is done in a timely manner. They report directly to the Manager of Real-Time Systems and work in partnership with the Lead Artist and on occasion a Programmer.

Major Areas of Responsibility
• Organization - Collaborate with team to aid in creation of documentation and schedules for the artists and programmers
• Development - Oversee the creation of templates in accord with the Lead Artist, Programmers, and Art Directors. Assure quality control by testing of new or adjusted templates.
• Delivery - Oversee delivery of initial project launch and gather feedback for final adjustments
• Support - Oversee the final product as it is on-air. Identify requests and needs of producers, graphic operators, and other personnel involved in the production process

Primary Objectives
Beyond what a Junior Viz Artist actually does, the primary goals and objectives of this position contribute to the organization in the following ways.
• Promote the mission statement and core values of the National Football League
• Integrity
• Performance and Teamwork
• Tradition and Innovation
• Diversity
• Learning
• Helps communicate through branding and motion graphic design the true essence of the NFL Network shows and properties
• Oversee the quality of the work being created
• Identify and communicate opportunities to improve work flow and design processes within the department
• Follow the established standard operating procedures through the production process

Specific Responsibilities
• Understand project stakeholder’s goals, requirements, and schedule.
• Document needs of Production or direction from Lead VizRt Artist.
• Understand the NFL Network VizRt workflow technically and in a production environment
• Stay on schedule throughout the project and let VizRt Graphics Producer or Lead Artist know should project be ahead of schedule or falling behind.
• Receive feedback from Lead Artists and Graphics Producers.
• Test all variables and options in template for functionality before each milestone.
• Oversee delivery of initial project launch and gather feedback for final adjustments.
• Oversee the final product as it is on-air. Identify areas for improvement for subsequent projects.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Basic knowledge of VizRt Artist
• Experience using 3D software
• Knowledge and experience in television broadcast production environment
• Average skills in Excel, Word, Photoshop
• Excellent skills in communication, reasoning skills, time management, common sense
• Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time
• Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, verbally and written
• General knowledge of types of insert graphics elements, graphics terminology, and football
• Experience coordinating and collaborating with outside vendors

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