John Harrington Photogaphy Internship

Posted 8-02-2012, offered

Most internships offered at John Harrington Photogaphy are paid, with some exceptions.

John feels strongly in the concept of apprenticing, or, more commonly referred to as internships. While all photography schools teach you about f-stops, shutter speeds, and composition, what you don't learn in any classroom is:

How a business runs
How to make a living
How to charge enough to pay your bills
How a photography business markets itself
How negotiations occur
How images are prepared for client review
The extent to which work on basic office tasks must be done vs. making pictures
How contracts and estimates are created specific to a client
How invoicing is done
How follow-up is done appropriately on unpaid or late invoices
Copyright, registering and protecting images
What equipment you need, and what you don't.
Using labs versus doing darkroom work yourself

You'll have the opportunity to learn some or all of the above depending upon the length of your internship.


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