Junior Designer

Posted 14-07-2014, offered

Astronauts Wanted is looking for an ambitious and creative Graphic Designer to work closely with them and their Creative Director to support their brand aesthetic and to create a variety of visuals.

They need someone who not only has design ability and is advanced in Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), but who also brings to the table fun and unique ideas to create assets such as collages, GIFs, illustrations, and Vines, etc. for our website, social feeds, and Tumblr.

The possibilities for creative visuals are open to your interpretation and imagination, while also existing within the established brand aesthetic and identity.

Other tasks include:

Creating assets for website such as collages, show stills & banners within the existing formats

Blogging and re-blogging for their Tumblr

Creating original visual assets for Tumblr (photo, illustration, collage, gifs, etc.)

Brand presentation layouts (knowledge of PowerPoint is a plus)

Being free and open to create awesome artwork and imagery and to join their team with a positive and open-minded attitude.

3-5 days a week in their space at Neuehouse - schedule and salary TBD.

Check them out at: www.astronautswanted.com
Apply at: g9ch9h@jobs.krop.com

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