Junior Designer at SUITCASE Magazine Limited

Posted 28-04-2016, offered

"SUITCASE is hiring! We are looking for a creative assistant to work closely alongside our Creative Director to define brand identity and produce the most beautiful magazine possible. This role is a great chance for a junior designer to grow and develop with the SUITCASE team and at the same time help develop and a grow a brand that is creating a buzz around the world."

Roles and responsibilities

· Magazine Layout Design

o Have a keen eye for detail, typography and layouts

o Have a good understanding of the article/feature being written and know what image(s) and text layout would work best to support

o Come up with unique creative layout designs to best portray feature/editorial.

· Digital Design

o Redesign the magazine for digital use on tablet making the most of extra digital content and interactive possibilities.

o Design individual City Guides for Mobile.

o Working with the Digital Department and contribute to finding new ways to improve a constantly developing website making SUITCASEmag.com the go to travel website.

· Creative Solutions

o Working with the Strategy + Partnership Department

o Come up with unique and creative ways to work with partnering brands

o Working with the Marketing Department to find new way to grow the SUITCASE brand

General requirements

o Be an all-round designer not afraid to try new things

o Have knowledge and skill in photography

o Have sufficient skills in photo editing and image formatting

o Be time efficient and keep within deadlines

o Be organised and efficient when managing files

o Have a passion for travelling!


· A bachelor's degree in design, graphics, visual arts and/or digital media

· Ability to work across print and digital platforms

· In-depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (eps. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)

· 1-2+ years in a creative industry

· Experienced in print and editorial design

How to Apply

To apply please submit the following (The more creative the application the better.):

· Cover letter

· Portfolio

· Your PDF presentation for the Creative Brief below. (NB. Applications without a response to the Creative Brief will not be accepted):

Coca-Cola is a lead sponsor of the Rio 2016 Olympics and is known for their new and creative ways of advertising their brand.

Come up with two creative advertorial ideas that would across SUITCASE's multiple platforms for Coca-Cola that are different, unique and that will have maximum affect on their brand. Consider what SUITCASE has to offer over their separate platforms, who their audience are and how best SUITCASE can work with Coca-Cola.

Campaign idea 1

Brand: Coca-Cola

Small budget (estimate costs if possible)

Platforms: Print Magazine - Digital (Web + Social)

Length: To be run over the RIO 2016 Olympics

Campaign idea 2

Brand: Coca-Cola

Big budget (estimate costs if possible)

Platforms: Print Magazine - iPad - Digital (Web + Social)

Length: To be run over the RIO 2016 Olympics

You may also send a hard copy of your application to the following address if desired:

SUITCASE Magazine Ltd.

35-36 Eagle St



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