Junior Graphic Designer at Blippar

Posted 21-06-2016, offered

"We are looking for amazing graphic designers to join Blippar Istanbul office."

An exciting opportunity to be part of our team, you will be given unparalleled creative freedom to design blipps for some of the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking brands. You will become an expert in the platform’s capabilities, leveraging both your creative skills and vision to deliver exciting ways of utilising Blippar’s platform.

From creating mobile games to working on interactive experiences; your primary role will be to design blipps (augmented reality experiences) for clients. The ability to think in three dimensions here is critical as you will be working with exciting creative and innovative concepts. You will, of course, be given plenty of training, but an ability to formulate innovative ideas, to express them and persuade others to run with them will help you flourish here.

This is an exciting challenge for designers with a background in building web and interactive experiences for large brands and a portfolio of exciting projects. A history working in advertising would be great, but is not vital. They don’t mind where you come from as long as you have a portfolio of amazing projects and love working in fast-paced environments.


Ideally you will have:
Portfolio of digital projects
Confidence using Adobe Creative Suite
An understanding of web, interactive, mobile and game design
Innovative and creative flair
A passion for making amazing digital experience
Turkish and English language ability
As a designer at Blippar you will be offered creative freedom and be invited in to a huge variety of creative sessions. They actively encourage you to express your creative vision and they value your ideas.

Blippar’s senior management team are dedicated, hands-on, approachable people who will nurture your talent and encourage the development of your own ideas; we believe these are key to the continued success story of Blippar’s platform.

Being part of Blippar’s close-knit, passionate, forward-thinking team affords plenty of potential for learning about and getting involved in all sections of the business. As a creative tech company offering spectacular marketing solutions to clients, there are few areas they don’t touch upon. Life at Blippar is a steep learning curve, ideal for ambitious candidates who wish to push themselves into completely uncharted territories.


Competitive packages
Great benefits and shares scheme
Employee incentive scheme
Flexible working environment
Weekly beers and free lunches
Our office dog (London)
International travel opportunities
Chance to develop groundbreaking tech
Work with state-of-the-art hardware and software
Access to new wearables including Google Glass
A challenge to change the world
Chance to shape a new industry
Creative freedom and control
Experience with all mobile operating systems
Collaborative opportunities with huge brands


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