Line Producer/Production assistant needed in Buenos Aires - 8th & 9th of June

Posted 18-05-2012, wanted

Still productions in London are sending a graduate photographer to various locations around the world to take pictures of a glass of Stella Artois in very beautiful/cool/iconic locations.

They are looking for a local producer to work on this job and pick up the photographer when she arrives and take care of her in Buenos Aires. It really is a small scale production and they would be looking for a line producer or even a production assistant. All of the prep has been done they just need someone to be there for the shoot. There is no team, just the photographer.

The dates scheduled to do this shoot are the 8th & 9th of June 2012.

The photograph will be very low key, a photograph tightly cropped of the glass of beer with the lovely surroundings, shot by Andrea, their photographer, using available light.

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