Looking for camera and sound operator for German science documentary series. Needs to be based in Mexico and available in March 2013

Posted 13-02-2013, wanted

I'm Paul of the production company Romero and Braas and we are currently planning the production of one episode for a German television science documentary series called "Galileo". 

The episode we are working on is about the transportation of the "worlds biggest ferries wheel" from Germany to Puebla, a town in Mexico. Our part in the production begins at the harbor of Veracruz where the ferris wheel arrives from Germany and is loaded onto flatbeds that make the journey towards their final destination of Puebla. 

We are looking for: 

A very able camera operator (+ assistant) and sound operator who think they can pull of the shoot and have a showreel + references to show for it. They need to be based in Mexico and be available in the first half of March 2013. 

Production details: 

-Shooting commences at the beginnings of March, depending on when the ferris wheel arrives.
-We plan for 6-8 days of shooting during the month of March, not consecutive. We should have the exact schedule by the end of the week

We shoot on HD, below you'll find two full episodes of that German series which we produced. It's in German but you'll get the visual style: 


If you are are available and interested please get in touch with us, preferably by sending us a short cv and showreel of your work to office@romeroandbraas.com. If it's not for but you know of someone who fits the job, we would appreciate it very much if you could put us in touch. 

Thank you, 


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