Looking For Entry Level Full Time Animation PA In Vancouver

Posted 30-10-2013, offered

About the position:

The Animation PA is an energetic and enthusiastic artist with strong character animation skills in 3D animation. They are proficient in excel and at creating high calibre dramatic and action oriented character animation while at the same time meeting production deadlines. They are integral to the animation team and are enthusiastic at developing their skills.

Responsibilities and duties:

Consistently strives to break the conventional animation limitations of 3D animated television series and creates the highest possible quality of animation in this medium.
Works and excels in a team environment.
Works under the direction of the Animation Supervisor and Director.

Qualifications and competencies:

-Is a graduate of a recognized animation school.
-Experience in 3D Television production is an asset.
-Has a broad understanding of 3D character animation.
-Has strong understanding of character acting principles.
-Has solid knowledge of Softimage XSI is beneficial.
-Demonstrates a strong understanding of motion, weight, emotion, acting and timing.
-Consistently strives to improve their character animation skill sets.

About us:

Nerd Corps is one of the largest animation studios in Canada boasting a diverse portfolio of award-winning original properties such as Slugterra, League of Super Evil, Storm Hawks and Rated A for Awesome.


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