Looking for European Artists (Dance)

Posted 23-08-2013, offered

Future Talent

longtime duration, starts 08-01-2013

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: D. Rein. Welcome to Future Talent, the world of talents.

Artists from all over Europe:

We are looking for talented guys aged 15-20 who can sing & dance. Genres: Pop, Soft Rock, Dance, Electro

Candidates must be eye-catching and able to learn choreography.

Castings are open NOW!

Future Talent is looking for the next big international band to sweep first Europe and then the rest of the world. Guys from all walks of life have the chance to join our project NOW and show the world what an innovative band is all about.

Do you think you could be part of the next BIG thing? Get ready because things are heating up. Berlin based company Future Talent is looking for vocally talented guys between ages 15-20 who want to fulfill their dreams of being a superstar-artist, as a member of this upcoming and innovative band project.

Our team consists of successful managers, professional music producers and songwriters.

The chosen talents will get professional coaching and support. We are currently auditioning talents, just apply via online application form on our website:

You don't live in Berlin? No worries, we will fly you in and deal with the accommodation issues for you.

Web: www.futuretalent.co

Apply to: Jánez Verdianz

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