money cleaning machines and chemicals (ssd solution) for your colored money,all currencies

Posted 21-08-2012, offered

LONDON ISLE LABORATORIES is an international multi-program family of laboratories employing highly experienced expert scientists,
engineers, lab technicians, and support staff.

1. We provide expert cleaning services for your black or stained money (bank notes - Black, red and green) including anti-breeze bank
notes in currencies such as the US dollar, euro, pound sterling, and many other local currencies.
We also clean dirty dollar and other notes perfectly.
2. We can also supply you with chemicals and machines if you prefer to do the cleaning by yourself, we will provide the
chemical or machines with instructions on how it is used to clean your money
- We employ specialists with many years of experience who ensure that after the cleaning process,
the notes retain their physiochemical properties. Our operations and clients span a wide range of countries across the world.
- Constantly improving the services we offer our customers, our company ONLY uses modern SSD solutions,
activating powders and TXNT for dilution of reagents, while re-facing your black dollar and euro notes etc
and handling any money cleaning problems you may have.
For a very fast and professional service to clean your money which has any stain or which is defaced,
please contact us now and get connected to our experts closest to you. Please use the contacts provided:
We will be happy to discuss how we might help you.

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