Motion Graphics Designer/Animator - Vancouver

Posted 4-03-2016, offered

Motion Graphics Designer/Animator

Applicants should have 2-3 years (minimum) of experience designing motion graphics for broadcast web and or multimedia. This includes professional expertise with an industry standard motion compositing application such as After Effects. A firm grounding in traditional design principles and an in depth knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and a current video editing software. Understanding of 3D animation and its integration with motion design is also a must, as is the ability to visualize and execute concepts in line with given direction. The ability to take direction and finish projects according to schedule is crucial to this position. He or she will work closely with the producer, art director, technical director, project manager and other team members to deliver quality results under high pressure deadlines. He or she displays an exceptional sense of visual design, passion for motion graphics and related technology.

Duties vary from day to day so artistic geeks who know lots about bits, bytes and moving pixels will thrive.

Here are some of the Responsibilities:

Designing concept mood boards, storyboards, animation sketches, and animcatics, including music and voiceover

Designing and producing final motion graphics involving typography, photography, live video and/or 3D animation

Producing projects ranging from end tags, bumpers, 30-sec videos to longer format corporate productions

Working closely with creative team, project managers, third-party collaborators and clients to deliver completed projects

Ability to articulate creative ideas in verbal and written communication


A minimum of 3 years related education or 3 years motion design work experience

Serious attention to detail with a strong working knowledge of motion/design-related applications

Ability to articulate creative ideas in verbal and written communication

Focused creative thinking while multi-tasking on several assignments and overlapping deadlines

Must be self-motivated, able to multi-task and work well with others and as part of a team

Technical Skills:

Advanced knowledge of the Adobe CC Suite, particularly: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Some knowledge of video editing software

Some knowledge of VFX (motion tracking, creating track mattes, chroma keying)

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