Photography Agent/Artist Manager/Photo Agent

Posted 12-06-2014, offered

Industry. Advertising Agency, Entertainment, Fashion, Magazine Publishing, Marketing, Photography, Public Relations, Sales/Advertising Sales

Salary: Competitive
Benefits: Health
Job Duration: Full Time
Experience Level: 3 years

Responsibilities include:
- Development and Implementation of sales strategy for photographers & artists.
- Liaison between Photographer/Artists & Clients/Brands - Fashion, Ad Agencies & Luxury.
- Identify, cultivate and engage new business and revenue opportunities in the fashion, luxury and editorial arenas.
- Develop, oversee and negotiate budgets worldwide.
- Advise on new artist acquisitions.

- Minimum of 3 years experience in photography/artist management.
- Ability to think creatively and strategically in a high paced environment.

Information on our artists, clients and the company can be found at

Photography/Artist roster includes: David LaChapelle, Sarah Moon, Jack Pierson, Robert Polidori, Jeff Burton, Horacio Salinas, Robin Broadbent, Francois Halard, Robert Wilson, Brett Ratner, Karen Collins, Matthew Porter, Anthony Goicolea, and Randall Mesdon.

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