Product Designer

Posted 27-10-2014, offered

Position Summary:

The Product Designer is responsible for taking products from concept through production under aggressive timelines. This position will be responsible for researching design ideas for new products, as well as improve upon the design of existing products. The Product Designer will work with a team of product developers on various product categories.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Evaluates current and proposed products based on factors such as appealing appearance, design-function relationships, serviceability, materials and methods engineering, application, budget, production costs and specifications.

Conceptualizes, illustrates and communicates new product concepts through quick sketching, foam mockups, and preparing presentation boards.

Must be able to assess product obstacles and use design skills/experience to successfully complete the project.

Responsible for working closely with the Product Development and Marketing departments to drive brand consistency across all products and to establish key design features.

Evaluates, analyzes, and makes recommendations on products, designs, and cost improvements to improve the competitive position of the product and relays this information internally and to overseas operations.

Participates in creation of concept research product definition: customer needs, idea generation, feasibility, specifications, concept visions and models in a team environment.

Procures materials needed to construct prototypes and in involved in the design engineering of new models.

Analyzes test data and reports to determine if designs meet functional and performance specifications.

Performs technical analysis of competitive products.

Designer will work with licensed product that is applied to new product ideas as well as existing.

Act as advisory specialists to management on matters regarding develops new products and product improvements.

Regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment on the development of new products and product improvements.

Closely monitor and analyze competitive trends and activities by visiting retail stores.

Other duties may be assigned.


Bachelor's degree (B. A.) in industrial or mechanical design/engineering is desired from four-year college or university.

2-4 years of professional design experience and proven experience in the industrial design and realization of mass-produced, global products

Excellent sketching, form development, problem solving and design communication abilities

Must possess some knowledge of molding, plastics, soft goods (not required but a plus) and printing basics and have a strong focus on the design, aesthetic elements and manufacturability of products.

Proficient with Illustrator, Photoshop and Solidworks.

Ability to think “outside the box” and ardent desire to innovate

Must be able to complete project deliverables within scope and budget.

Highly motivated, able to multi-task on several products/platforms and work under tight deadlines with little supervision

Must have a basic understanding of engineering and manufacturing to help create feasible concepts

Strong interpersonal skills with proven ability to work with multidisciplinary teams

Excellent written and oral communication skills

To Apply

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Brica is an equal opportunity employer.

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