Product UI Designer at S2 Development

Posted 14-06-2016, offered

Product UI designer in Thessaloniki, Greece

"At Book'n'Bloom we consider design as a fundamental factor of success. We are looking for creative UI designers to be part of our Product Design team. We love team players who like to take responsibility, solve problems, and consider a good UI as essential for an excellent user experience."

Throughout the product design process you'll cooperate with Product managers, UX Designers, and Product engineers to define and deliver new features, test new concepts, and assist with their final implementation. A keen eye on details is critical, as you will continuously work on complex interactions and pixel-perfect visual designs.

You will need to deliver engaging prototypes using the latest front-end technologies and feel comfortable doing multiple things at the same time while meeting deadlines.

What is required:

Excellent understanding of UI and interaction design for mobile and desktop apps

Complete fluency with industry design tools

Solid understanding of web technologies like HTML and CSS, their usage/limitations

Strong understanding of responsive design

Fluent English speaker/writer

Plus : Experience(!), Branding, Gamification, Design on Facebook platform, CSS / HTML coding, Spanish language

About Book’n’Bloom:

"Book’n’Bloom is a smart business tool for micro-small businesses that allows them to operate Social & Mobile. Our app is totally integrated into the shop owner’s Facebook Page allowing their clients to book online 24/7 and be rewarded for it. Also, we have generated a mobile app that provides shop owners with all tools they need to manage their business on-the-go: they can schedule appointments on the go, get instant notifications, and view their schedule with just a few taps.

Book’n’Bloom is about helping millions of small and great local businesses transit from pen & paper to how business is done in 2016.

All in all, we are a growing company that has people already working in Greece, Spain, and Colombia. Join us and let us help millions of small local business owners grow and stay competitive."

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