Production Assistant

Posted 25-02-2016, offered

The Production Assistant/Intern will be part of a small documentary crew traveling the world telling the stories of interesting people and things.

As PA, your primary job responsibility will be managing the terabytes of data we generate and the hundreds of thousands of dollars in gear we use during production.

Flying Saucer hires only the best and we work quickly. We will expect you to think on your feet, anticipate the needs of our shooters and audio technicians, and ensure that everything we use is at-hand and ready to go, and that we never lose a shot (or a lens cap).

For post-production, whether in our Pacific Northwest satellite office, our main headquarters in Raleigh/Durham, or on the road, you will maintain our gear storage, clean and organize our gear, backup our data, and ensure that our footage is ready for post-production and the gear is ready for the next day’s shoot.

Whether you are an aspiring shooter, editor, or producer, you will learn from the best in the business, with over four decades combined experience in production.

Successful applicants must:

-Have a college degree or 3-5 years experience in some form of production.
-Have a high degree of computer literacy.
-Have familiarity with Adobe Premiere and Canon cameras and lenses.
-Have a valid passport.
-Be local to the Pacific Northwest or Raleigh/Durham/RTP.
-Be willing and able to travel on short notice.
-Be able to work as part of a small team.

This position is a paid part-time position, with variable hours.

About Flying Saucer Media
Flying Saucer Media, LLC. is a web-based media production house based in Durham, NC, with operations anywhere in the world. We create top-tier web content, commercial video, documentaries and informational media.

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