Senior Designer at Virtual Promoter

Posted 20-07-2016, offered

Virtual Promoter – is an award-winning digital interactive solution for retail stores and exhibitions that delivers personalized brand experience right at the customer’s fingertips. If you have seen “Minority Report” or “The Time Machine” you will pretty much get the idea about the concept behind.

Their clients are pioneers of cutting-edge technologies, who employ Virtual Promoter for brand communication and consumer engagement. Lego, Porsche, Microsoft and Telefonica have already added the company solution to their innovations arsenal. More to come - from aviation, banking, global entertainment and sports industries.

They are looking for someone who:

Strives to deliver “better-than-expected” results

Approaches creative problems with a “can do” attitude

Is highly efficient when working in a highly collaborative environment, as well when working independently, as an individual contributor

Goes “extra mile” in delivering outstanding visuals

Relentlessly push the boundaries of what’s possible

Likes to challenge and likes to be challenged

Appreciates fun at work and exercises creativity on daily basis

The Position:

You will become a part of a multi-skilled team and contribute to the success by designing aesthetically and contextually perfect visuals for Virtual Promoter.

You will be visualizing meaningful experiences for Virtual Promoter and parts of its eco-system – Composer and Smart Data.

You will be creating visually stunning presentations for product marketing and sales activities.

You will be participating and contributing in design thinking workshops together with the clients and colleagues.

You will be converting abstract ideas into storytelling visuals.

They expect you can:

Use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator functions at ninja level

Retouch and manipulate photographic material at ninja level

Create screen designs including interactions and user interfaces at senior level

Be a good storyteller in German and English, spoken and written

It’s beneficial, if you can:

Create visual design directions as guidelines for other team members

Create and phrase style guides in descriptive documents

Develop professional mood boards and storyboards

Conduct and direct video shootings in our own studio

Handle photo cameras, light and lenses

Edit and compose video and audio assets (keying, color correction, sound correction)

You have experience in:

Creating designs for websites web and mobile apps at senior level

Designing logos, icons and graphic symbols at senior level

Creating informative graphics from any given data set at senior level

Having in-depth knowledge about typefaces and micro typography at senior level

Managing design assets created by you and others (e.g. layers and files have meaningful names)

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