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Posted 20-02-2014, wanted

The background

We’re searching for a talented creative who’s looking to create an agency of their own, from the ground up - well not quite…

We have the creative division of an existing agency that we’re looking to develop and grow into its own entity/brand. This role is for someone to be involved in building this agency’s future – and their own.

It’s not like starting from scratch, we’ve sorted out the headaches of a new business and we already have: clients, annual revenue of over $1m, systems & processes, financial reporting and history, a talented team, as well as IT and infrastructure.

We’re looking to remodel this entity to focus on digital and design, with a potential focus on and around mobile, data or automation. That’s not set in stone, as the person who joins us will likely have a large input on the service model and focus.

What we don’t have is a talented CD or ‘CD to be’ to lead this agency, help develop its vision, be involved in shaping the agency model, positioning and brand – and then, of course, lead the agency creative.

The Board of Directors for this new agency have launched four successful agencies in the last five years. They’re names you’re likely to have heard of, and across the agencies they’re already getting recognition in industry awards. This next agency will be just as fortunate and fast to rise.

Here’s What You’ll Get

- Growth opportunities and a fast track to leading an agency
- Supported by a GM who has done it before
- The security of a salary, capital and clients from day one. The mix of these will need to be negotiated
- The opportunity to work with some of the country's top strategists very closely on a daily basis (the most awarded media strategist in the country, a communications strategist who’s led brands like Toyota and one of B&T’s top marketers under 30 in the country)
- The opportunity to build a future rather than just a job
- A great culture, with a family feel, and the most reasonable work hours in the industry

Who You Are

- You’re passionate about creative that gets results delivered
- You have a healthy respect for strategy and believe it’s an essential part of the creative process
- You are a problem solver. Our work environment is dynamic, motivating and focused
- You want to work with sharp, young(ish) thinkers who absolutely demand the best creative
- Able to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media
- Our work environment is dynamic, motivating and focused. There is excellent opportunity for growth and development within the agency
- You might be a talented Senior Digital Art Director looking to make your move – we have an excellent track record at developing and backing our teams. Or you might be a Creative Director who has an exceptional digital acumen. We’ll invest in the right person and this is why, for now, the salary expectation is quite wide

We’re looking wide for this role, we understand that, but we’ll make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to find out more about the opportunity and we’ll be respectful of your time whilst you learn more.

To Make This Position Yours You Will Have

- 8 - 10 years experience
- Solid brand/corporate identity work
- Strong ability to 'sell' your thoughts, concepts and ideas
- Demonstrated success in building teams and inspiring a creative culture. To mentor and develop other team members
- Digital experience
- Interest in the business side of things as well as the creative side
- Excellent track record

Bonus Points For:

The ideal candidate will have at least one of the following skill sets and experience:

- Experience implementing and monitoring marketing automation strategy
- UX design and optimisation
- Mobile app creation
- Experience leveraging data for marketing, communications or business results

How to Apply

This is not a traditional ad, and as such we’re not going to ask you to jump through the traditional hoops. We’d love to see a CV/resume but we also know that sometimes that sort of stuff isn’t up to date.

- Send us a note (max 150 words - too easy, right?) detailing how you will satisfy each requirement outlined
- 3 dot points on what appeals to you about the position
- A link to your portfolio and/or LinkedIn if you have one (optional)

We can’t wait to meet the type of person who this opportunity appeals to, and we’re also trying to keep our plans as discreet as possible until the time is right. If you think this position is for you send your resume to

Sorry it’s a bit cloak and dagger. We’re just trying to get a feel for you, and then we can find a better way to tell you more about the opportunity. And we’d love to hear about your dreams and ambitions too.

We promise when you meet us we’ll be happy to tell you all about it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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