Senior UX Designer / Interaction Designer at Cognizant

Posted 11-05-2016, offered

An introduction to Digital Engagement Practice

Cognizant’s Digital Works Engagement Practice unit helps business develop and execute a digital business strategy aligned to their business objectives, leveraging digital capabilities and market advantages to produce sustainable competitive advantage.

"We have experts focusing on digital roadmaps and strategy, UX and interactive design as well as creating the back-end platforms to ensure a truly unique experience end-to-end both for our clients and our clients’ clients. We specialize in helping clients create successful new business models when facing existential threats from digital technologies that provide competitors with low entry barriers. We have more than 500 projects with a repeat business ratio of 95% and over 12,000 experts ready to define a multidisciplinary approach that combines key aspects of digital marketing, front-end design, analytics & scalable content management to ensure our clients get a holistic digital solution and experience."

Cognizant´s digital practice is incredibly innovative

Depending on the client digital maturity level they can help assess, strategize and prototype different digital models and workflows in a very short-cycled iterative manner using agile and scrum approaches depending on the exact client situation and needs.

They can scale up from small mobile apps to large scale legacy to new data migrations and set up digital workplaces for employees, clients or client-clients. Cognizant helps organizations capitalize on their dormant data, fully utilize the code halos of their clients across social, media, analytics and cloud domains. Real-time trajectory predictability mapping and analytics is second nature to us.

This is a video which shows you the environment you would be working in if they decide to join Digital Works at Cognizant:

You can find more information about Digital Works Department here:

Who is Cognizant?

Cognizant is a Fortune 500 company; Cognizant is headquartered in the US with offices and delivery centers that span the globe. Born global, Cognizant Technology Solutions offers a unique learning and working environment. With exciting, game changing projects at global customers across industries, you will become part of the forefront of business transformation and technology.

Be the driver of your own way forward, no matter what your level is. At Cognizant, you can be both an idea and action person.

Job Summary:

UX designers at Cognizant are responsible for the navigation, organization, interaction design, and business/user process engineering for leading-edge web solutions, software, mobile and other interactive devices. This involves application of user-centered design methods to translate user needs, business objectives, and technology capabilities into world-class user experience for leading companies.

As part of a creative team, you work with many kinds of creative thinkers all tasked with ensuring creative excellence across client partner’s product portfolio and services. Your goal is to deliver outstanding online and mobile user experience. By embracing user insights, business requirements and strategic thinking, you strive to create delightfully intuitive user experiences that will define the future of client partner’s digital presence.

As a UX Designer you will work with creative leadership and key partners to deliver products and services to the world through web and mobile experiences. You will contribute to the development of key interactive experiences and flows that are consistent and intuitive. You will collaborate daily with a diverse set of specialists from information architects, visual designers, project managers, writers and developers to deliver these digital experiences.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Owning user experience – Take ownership of one or more parts of the user experience: mapping user journeys and designing interactions and interfaces.
• Creating UX designs – Create clear documentation (including UX design rules, paper and click-through prototypes) that fosters a delightful user experience.
• Researching UX – Participate in user experience research and usability studies.
• Building knowledge across the team – Participate in regular design reviews and other team-wide design efforts.
• Working across multiple projects– Execute against multiple work streams in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment and deliver strategically sound, conceptually-based, iconic experiences.
• Experience designing mobile products and the subtle differences between iOS, Android and Microsoft
• Ability to articulate creative concepts and rationale to other team members and client.

Experience Guidelines:

• minimum 5 years of industry/agency experience
• Demonstrated experience in the field – experience with a range of UI/UX and interactive work and the accompanying portfolio of mobile digital experiences.
• Knowing the tools – Expert proficiency with Axure, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch and other web design tools.
• Conveying concepts – Strong Interaction design work: ability to convey concepts through wireframes, flows and mock-ups.
• A good understanding visual design – Comfort with generating graphic representations, working closely with the visual designers to develop a creative and rich visual language; on-screen graphic design, illustration and data visualization.
• Quick prototyping – Fluent in creating quick and dirty prototypes for web and/or mobile app experiences.
• Information Architecture – Creating information architecture and website organization would be a plus
• Degree preferred in design-related discipline: Interaction, Information or Interface design; Human-Computer Interaction; Design Planning; Graphic Design; Communications

Portfolio of work samples required showcasing showcasing UX design work.

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