Specialist Food and Drink Photography, Styling and Props

Posted 25-08-2011, offered

Mouthwatering, eye-catching images of sumptuous food and drink. The idea is to make you want to eat it off the page, screen, box or poster. We want to make you hungry and help you sell more!

The craft of food photography is a blend of art, aesthetics, design, food technology, lighting and photography. We bring together these elements to create an image that conveys the taste, texture and feeling of the subject.

Using an all digital workflow with in-house kitchen, styling, props and nutritional consultants we create customized food photography solutions for our clients.

* Ready to eat
* Ready to cook
* Hotels
* Restaurants
* Chefs
* Shops
* Catering
* Malls
* Magazines
* Manufacturers
* Beverage retailers

We’ve done it all and we’d love to do your great food photography and food styling

Email us with a brief or reference to get a quote on your next food image!

See our work at: www.foodphotography.in

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