STATE Design Motion Design/Animation Internship

Posted 22-03-2016, offered

It’s that time of the year again, students—when you get to apply all of your new-found talents into real-world experiences. It’s time for that summer internship!

STATE Design, a kick-ass motion graphics studio in Santa Monica, CA, is looking for you! Well, by ‘you’ we mean HUNGRY and TALENTED future motion designers and animators.

Unlike some other studios, we promise not to make you get us coffee, or take the boss’ dog out for a good ol’ number two. No, we have producers for that! But unlike our producers, we value your creative input and would love to see you grow into that bad-ass artist you’ve always wanted to be. Plus, we’ll also pay you some scratch so you don’t go starving.

Let’s get down to the brass-tax here: Besides having an unquenchable thirst for motion graphics, you must also come equipped with basic knowledge of Photoshop, After Effects, and if possible, C4D. Oh, and your own means of transportation. You provide the desire and we’ll provide the expertise.

Internship can start as early as April 25, and end as late as August 24. Looking for at least a three-month-long commitment, 4-5 days/week, 7-8 hours/day. We’re aware that creative minded individuals also enjoy travel and adventure (especially during the SoCal summer) so we’re flexible with time-off periods.

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