the 2010 Project - Photography Competition

Posted 18-11-2010, offered

So what is the 2010 Project about?

It is a first class opportunity to enter an international photographic competition. The competition is open to anyone, and winners will have their images published on line AND in a beautifully produced coffee table book that is to be sold in aid of charity. Photos need to be taken from 1st January – 31st December 2010, and entries need to be in by 14th February 2011. Every single Pound, Euro, Yen and Dollar raised on this project will be donated to MacMillan Cancer Charity.

It is a memorial to Steve Brill, but not one of those feel-sorry-for-us-and-make-sympathetic-noises memorials. It is a celebration of a beautiful life, lived and enjoyed to the full. A celebration of someone who loved and laughed right to the end. The book title “Life is a Bed of Roses” was chosen by Caron. The words are embroidered on a pillow in her room – a gift she bought for herself during the time of her breast cancer. Life *will* be a Bed of Roses. And that’s that.

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