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Posted 25-04-2014, offered

Get the VIP treatment for your next job.

Hallo, my name is Paul Regan. I specialise in writing TV commercial treatments. I ghostwrite for directors who appreciate slick, professional notes with a fresh perspective.

As a film professional, I’m sure you know what it feels like when a board comes in. Someone wants a treatment and they want it NOW. So instead of having to drop everything, simply relax, make a cup of tea send it over my way. I take a look at the concept, we discuss it over skype and I get started. The first draft will will be over to you within 48 hours. Once you give me your feedback, the final draft is just a few hours away. Your treatment is now in pole position with the best possible chance of winning the pitch.

My mission is simple: it’s my job is to win your next job.

Here’s why it makes sense.

Easy. Send over the script or the boards, we talk over skype and I get started.

Fast. I can have the first draft back to you in 48 hours so that you can be first through the door with your client. Speed is a serious advantage. First in and best dressed often wins the day.

Peace of mind. Now you don’t have to do the donkey work. I enjoy it, I get to play director. You get on with what you do best and leave the tough stuff to me.

Quality. My treatments kick ass. Comprehensive, convincing and impactful, they consistently win business. Writing treatments is what I do, it’s all I do and I love it. This is not some part time, freelance gig for me. It’s my vocation and I specialize in it full time.

Value. My services save you time, hassle and you end up with a stronger proposal with a better chance of clinching that job. My fee is easily offset by the business you will win.

Results. My treatments win pitches. Consistently. Take a look at my reel, sample treatments, finished commercials and you’ll see I have an excellent track record.

All the best directors have ghostwriters. Join their ranks.

Your work deserves the five star treatment.

Now it’s time for a call to action. Details are below. You know what to do.

Mobile: + 6016 9130 871


Skype: paregan

Twitter: @PARegan


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