US-based VFX Consultant to China

Posted 7-08-2012, wanted

China\'s leading film and TV digital post-production facility, Zhejiang
Hongdian Film Production Co., Ltd. (known as \"Red Dot\") seeks to
connect to established and up-and-coming experts in post production
and visual special effects who may be interested in paid advisory
roles to help them build a world-class, one-stop facility, to attract
such projects globally.

Their technical facilities are world-class (see English-language Word doc at for more specifics on the
equipment/capabilities and links to the company) and this is a
well-supported venture: Red Dot is housed by Hengdian World Studios
(, the world\'s largest film studio
(, responsible for
hundreds of films and television series since its creation in the

They seek to identify several people (or small teams) with appropriate
Hollywood credits (country of citizenship not a factor) who would be
open to consulting in a mostly virtual capacity, with a limited number
of days on-site spread during mutually convenient periods during the
year, in both R&D and practical perspectives.

Hengdian is the town dubbed by Hollywood Reporter as the \"Hollywood of
the East.\" Located in the culturally-rich Dongyang metro area in
Zhejiang Province, a bit south of Shanghai, Red Dot would also
optionally welcome having you tour their world-class facilities to
learn more about what they are doing (and vice-versa). However, any
get-to-know interviews can also be done virtually.

Since their websites are in Chinese, to save you the trouble of using
a tool like Google Translate, I have taken the liberty of uploading an
English-language overview Word doc with much of the
information from the new site specifically about Red Dot that you can read at

Though I am not able to accept agency candidates or do splits (I am
doing this as a favor for my cousin), the company itself is stable and
this is a well-funded initiative. All accepted participants\' expenses
will be covered in addition to USA-competitive compensation for
consultants of this nature. It should be an exciting opportunity for
those interested in getting in on the ground floor - though they are
obviously already beyond phase 1!

However, I am on a tight deadline for this initiative, so I would
appreciate your reviewing the information at in order to obtain recommendations
of qualified individuals you feel might be interested in this
opportunity, and answer any basic questions this week.

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