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Posted 28-09-2015, offered

Production : Full Service Video Production

Job Description
Bbrand new startup video production company looking to provide quality pre-production, video production and post production at a fraction of the cost that the major players in Vegas are currently charging. It’s our goal to develop a team of talented writers, directors, producers, actors, editors and crew to add a breath of fresh creative air to the Las Vegas market.

People in all skill sets and at all levels needed. The veterans and the people looking to start a career in video production. Until we really take off, our work will most likely be unpaid which means you shouldn’t quit your day job.

Offering a talented team of people who are passionate about their skill set and want to develop and foster beautiful and unique video production projects. You will receive credit for every piece you work on as well as copies for your own personal portfolio.

Once we get out of startup status, we will onboard permanent positions with our company.

Who are you?

You love storytelling. Through any medium, dance, art, photography, film, acting, directing, producing, you do what you do, because you are driven to tell a story. You know the difference between what looks good and what doesn’t, you have a quality threshold and refuse to put your name on any subpar product. You want to turn your passion into a career, because if you do what you love, then you never have to work a day in your life.

Send your resume or reel or headshot or sample of your work, depending on what you do, in a reply to this ad. Give me an idea on who you are and what you are looking to get out of this. Onboard your friends and network, you may be an amazing writer which is great, but you also have a friend who is a talented editor or sound engineer, we are looking for all positions currently.

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