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Posted 18-07-2014, offered

Paul Hevicon, General Director of an English Language school and English magazine in Madrid, is looking for a video company to make videos for his new tour project.

The job description:

After a series of successful ´Pop Up ´events in English from September it will be launching a range of weekly tours/events in the city for English speakers. They are:

1. Real Ale tasting tour
2. Wine tasting
3. Excursion to a wine grove with lunch & wine tasting (outside Madrid)
4. Walking tour of Chueca
5. Open top bus tour
6. City bike tour
7. Bellas Artes guided tour of building
8. Country hike

Each tour will be promoted/sold via their webpage with a dedicated page including a full description and short video presentation (2-5 mins).


EW is inviting offers from experienced, qualified video producers against the following criteria. You should describe in detail your response to each point:

1.Proven ability to produce video clips (eg of work)
2.Produce a full pre to post production schedule (shooting to take place in June/July with editing completed and videos ready for Sept, 2014)
3.SEO and social marketing optimization advice
4.Price to produce 9 video clips
5.Post production advice and support (detail and time span)


Please send your bid in writing by email to
Please,send a price ASAP and let him know if you speak English

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