Visual Communication Designer

Posted 2-11-2012, offered

THRIVE is a design and innovation consultancy who collaborates with leading companies to create new products and experiences that resonate with customers, strengthen brands, and improve market share. Our expertise in reinventing categories, connecting insights to business, envisioning new ideas, developing new products, and translating brands into tangible experiences, has helped leading companies to THRIVE.

THRIVE is seeking an accomplished Visual Communication Designer to join our growing team in Atlanta, Georgia. We want an impressive individual who’ll bring creativity, passion, people skills, experience, and the ability to work with interdisciplinary creative teams in an inspiring way. We are seeking candidates with proven narrative, conceptual and aesthetic talent. The Visual Designer must be comfortable designing narrative presentations and visualizing information across a wide range of media and formats. As an individual you are passionate about the details and have a proven track record of creating communications and stories that are authentic to a client's brand, and connect emotionally with a range of audiences.

• Design print and digital collateral such as client presentations, books, workshop posters and maps, and other visual communication materials as required.
• Create clear and compelling presentation charts, graphs, diagrams, and narratives.
• Design Power Point and InDesign project presentations.
• Preparing press releases, company newsletter, and event announcements.
• Providing conceptual direction and execution for various marketing initiatives.
• Updating company headlines and news in the corporate website.
• Developing and assisting in promotional strategies.
• Validating and fulfilling requests for information and marketing materials, tracking mails and requests.

• Bachelor's degree in communication design with a portfolio that includes print work as well as informational graphics and presentation layouts.
• At least (1) years experience in a multi-disciplinary design firm
• Ability to work well as a member of interdisciplinary teams of researchers, strategists, designers, and our clients.
• Ability to help translate abstract and conceptual ideas into engaging visual presentations and design solutions.
• Excellent time-management and prioritization skills, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task across projects, and self-manage.
• Excellent typography and text layout skills with meticulous attention to detail.
• Understanding of printing process, and creation of production-ready artwork.
• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Microsoft Office is required.
• Exhibits stylistic breadth, attention to detail, and balances beauty, innovation and usability.
• Understand the constraints of working within client brands.
• Facilitate project communication across a multidisciplinary team through all phases of projects.
• Must work well under pressure and be able to meet aggressive deadlines.
• Candidate must have examples they can show that demonstrate consistent visual design and be able to articulate why specific visual aspects were used.
• Understanding of aesthetic beyond two-dimensional artwork, which may include packaging, environmental graphics, product design, time-based design, or user experience.
• Ability to articulate a strategic and rational design process.
• Interest in developing skills and portfolio of a brand-centric, strategic, Visual Communication Designer.
• Ability to copy write, and editing experience is a plus.
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