Visual Designer at EFK Group

Posted 2-08-2016, offered

EFK designers are excited to push themselves while they are here and grow quickly. We are looking for people who are ready to soak up as much from this environment as they contribute with amazing design. We’re looking for multifaceted, collaborative designers to work on everything from full website rebuilds to global marketing. We want people who believe in their skills and their perspective and are ready to bring that awesomeness to these projects.

What we want to see:

Concepting new ideas and new designs with other team members.

A healthy design background: 2+ years of visual design experience (preferably agency experience), a solid understanding of designing intuitive site functionality, interaction, site architecture, user interfaces, and navigation.

Work the Adobe Creative Suite like a BOSS!

Strong conceptual thinking.

The ability to work as part of a team but also able to tackle small projects alone with speed and efficiency.

Maintain a go-getter attitude and show strong personal initiative to better yourself.

Excellent typography and layout skills, experience designing successful and well thought out user interfaces.

Strong communication skills. Need to clearly express and explain your ideas.

You give a crap about your work and “Okay” is just never enough.

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