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  • Peter's photography is driven by the overarching central ethos: to capture the energy and spontaneity of his surroundings in a simple yet authentic manner. Peter draws influence from youth culture, particularly the freedom and expression of the surf / skating scenes and the cathartic energy of live music. Peter’s work is inspired through the observation and dedication of others. He has a ceaseless interest in those pushing themselves to the limit through their work. He’s captivated by those crafting something with their bare hands and is transfixed by those honing and perfecting their individualism. In short, Peter is obsessed with anyone for whom the sense of fun or adventure is a way of life.

    Immersing himself fully in what he’s shooting affords Peter a unique closeness to his subject and provides him with an insider’s perspective, translating to a more authentic shot. Peter discovers and records the unconventional beauty, the whimsical and youthful fun in all that he observes. Bringing together his extensive knowledge of painting, illustration and street art, Peter has crafted an aesthetic of sun-tinged grittiness. Rejecting the tired and typical depiction of cultural stereotypes, Peter instills a fresh and contemporary edginess into his work. His style is bold and honest, unabashed in juxtaposing the brutal and vulnerable to create something curiously cutting-edge.

    On set Peter’s energy and passion for his work is contagious. He is guided by a self-enforced principle of not asking his subjects to do something he wouldn’t do himself. This enables him to quickly put people at ease and build rapport leading to a more natural and cogent image.

    Peter divides his time between London, New York, Cape Town and Costa Rica.


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