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Take a look at the latest works of Goodstock or contact them in New York directly. Find on Production Paradise the best creative professionals and production services for 360° photographers, automotive stock photography, CGI & 3D, cgi 3d rendering, CGI stock photography, CGI/ 3D photographers, landscape stock photography, photo library stock.

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    • 360° photographers
    • automotive stock photography
    • CGI & 3D
    • cgi 3d rendering
    • CGI stock photography
    • CGI/ 3D photographers
    • landscape stock photography
    • photo library stock
    360° photographers

About Us

  • Goodstock’s self-understanding is to provide highest quality resources for your CGI productions focusing mainly on the automotive industry.  

    Our Products:  Backplates, 360° HDRi, Custom Photo Shots & FPO  

    Backplates - for your CGI production have matching or compatible 360° HDRi. Most sets have different angles and perspectives.  

    360° HDRi - for VR, 3D - environments or for lighting and reflections.  

    Custom Photo Shots - Goodstock offers its network of experienced photographers, production services, post-production studios and rendering houses to its clients.

    FPO – Goodstock’s custom positioning software for layout and final positioning prior to rendering.

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