Cinenane Group

Milan - Services Photo & Film

Cinenane Group is active in almost all movie-making related sectors: the company is specialised in supplying grip and lighting equipment, power units, trucks, special effects, tracking vehicles, and a lot more. In addition, Cinenane has now developed a special service dedicated to international clients in order to make shooting in Italy easier and more cost effective.

The group has a partnership with Aerial Film Club, a company consolidating the know-how and experience of a number of skilled and highly qualified professionals connected to aerial film productions. AFC can supply services and equipment all over Europe, including the new stabilisation system Shotover F1, designed for use on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost any moving vehicles.

Additional partner Piumaworld specialises in the design and production of specific equipment and technology for the entertainment industry, including cinema, television, sports and multimedia. Piumaworld products are designed to perform as an integrated system with the purpose of guaranteeing shots of exceptional quality in any situation.