Fabio Mercurio

Milan - Bologna - Hair, Makeup, Styling, Talents

Sicilian-born Fabio Mercurio settled in Bologna where he graduated from the Academy of Fashion and Costume. With a solid background designing bags and accessories, he began working as a stylist and set designer in 2008. His penchant for the quirkily beautiful landed him jobs for TV commercials and Italian celebrities, editorials and a range of campaigns.

His work is featured in cutting-edge magazines worldwide including Eclectic Magazine, Satellite Magazine, Fashionisto, Fucking Young, Sicky Magazine, Razor Red, Slave, Papercut, and Vangardist, as well as in look-books both for niche brands and prestigious Italian Web retailers.

A mix of past, present and future is Fabio’s trademark: blending playful with twisted, couture with sexy, folklore with clean-cut shapes, he is able to appeal to a broad audience. Versatility is also key: whether with men’s or women’s fashion, sartorial or streetwear, he masters the fine art of balancing the dynamic and the quiet.

From collaborations spanning dark avant-garde photographer Mustafa Sabbagh or French fashion icon Gilles-Marie Zimmerman, to assisting established legend Fabrizio Ferri for Saks 5th Avenue and the amazing English photographer Ian Derry, some of his most recent projects include long-standing partnership in Denmark, Norway and Spain as well as CBS for shoots with Cote de Pablo, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jake MacDorman, and screen icons Christine Baranski and Mayim Bialik.