Milan - Photo & Film Production

"Welcome to the BigMama Multimedia Kitchen! We’re a production company based in Milan and we take our inspiration from the culinary world. We believe that an excellent production, like an excellent dish, demands the right ingredients, wisely chosen and mixed by a skilled chef. Thanks to a long and settled experience in the field we proudly provide an array of production services, suitable for any demand, and can operate all over Italy: from Milan to Sardinia.

We are very passionate about our job and we think that going the extra mile is what propels us to give you the best service possible. Some of our best ingredients: Production planning - we will manage all the budgeting and the scheduling for you, advising and guiding you through the most effectual way to tell your story. Other ingredients include casting, location scouting, pre-production, catering and equipment rental.

We’re always open to exciting new projects and eager to consolidate profitable and long-lasting professional relationships."