Steve Peixotto

Mexico - California - photographers

Steve Peixotto has been shooting in Spanish and in English for many years. Having lived and worked in Mexico, he now splits his time between San Francisco, California, and San Francisco, Nayarit. His ability to work (sans translator) with Spanish speaking talent, clients and crew makes working in Spanish-speaking countries with Steve really easy.

When asked for a keyword to describe her dad, Steve’s daughter said “extra”. “I think she’s describing my attention to detail, my desire to push boundaries and do whatever it takes to make strong imagery that tells a client’s story better than the client had hoped”, says Steve.

His son says his dad in “interesting”. Steve clinched a little when he heard 'interesting', reminiscing art school and the baggage associated with that word. But ultimately, Steve thinks it's cool that his teenage son thinks he is interesting.

Steve’s wife describes him as “Google”. “That nickname (Google)”, Steve says, "speaks to my unrelenting curiosity, and pretty good memory. My curiosity leads to me having a decent understanding of some pretty obscure facts which I can somehow draw on at the most unexpected times”. It also leads to some very “interesting” photography.