Represented by JSR Amy Currell London

Amy Currell is a photographer and director who was raised in East London. Each frame of her still life photography and moving image is composed with thought and grace, cleverly contrasting colour and texture, shape and shadow. Her still life photography and moving image are shot through a distinctively female lens.

Amy feels most at home when she is able to capture colour and texture at their most evocative. She enjoys creating stories from shadows, spotting warmth and refraction in liquids, and fusing CGI with conventional still photography to create the ideal reality.

Her shoot production is seamless and highly technical, meaning the studio can adapt quickly to an evolving industry, and also turn out a range of deliverables in a single day, never compromising on aesthetic or detail.

Amy is highly sought after in the commercial world by clients who value beauty, and the context of their products in carefully choreographed composition and these have included Ikea, Vogue, Selfridges, Liberty London, Tatler, Bvlgari, and London Art Fair.

Amy Currell is represented by JSR, see more here. Follow the agency on Instagram for recent projects.

Andrea Sudati Italy

Andrea Sudati is a Milan-based advertising photographer and film director specialised in still life, jewels, cosmetics, food and beverage.

In his shoots, the product has the absolute leading role in the image thanks to his accurate compositions and light use.

He is an award winner photographer, GRAPHIS Silver Award 2023 for beverage photography and N.1 World’s Top Still Life Photographer OneEyeland Award 2020.

Clients include Schweppes, Coca-Cola/Royal Bliss, Recarlo, Lamborghini, Disaronno, OroSaiwa, Edgar Sopper Gin, Segafredo, Mondelèz, Faxe Beer, Fonzies, Collistar, Clio Makeup, Pupa, Piquadro.

Ashley Pearson London

Ashley Pearson is an advertising photographer based in the UK, specialised in jewellery, drinks and cosmetic photography.

With 10 years’ experience working as a photography lead within the jewellery industry, he has gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry, jewellery design and gemstones.

His style and experience gives him the advantage to capture each product in the best way to emphasise its brand and style. He also has extensive experience in shooting drinks and cosmetics, so whatever your project, he will bring light to your vision and product.

Bryan Rowe Colorado - New York

"The Penrose triangle is an optical illusion that has been warping peoples brains for years.

Givenchy's Prism Concealer was the perfect shape to try to mimic the illusion. This was definitely a challenging but fun project to bring to life."

Chris Howlett Photography London

"Cosmetics and liquids hold a significant role in our still life photography work and we take great pleasure in it. Our forte lies in the dynamic and unique approach to product photography, which involves using cutting-edge technology to capture high-speed flash and slow-motion videos.

We are proud to stay ahead of the curve by utilising the latest technology, such as super slow-motion video capture at 1000fps for cosmetics brands like Sally Hansen.

Additionally, we continue to offer our clients like Wilkinson Sword high-speed flash photography freezing motion in real-time to stunning effect.

So if you need creative product photography that stands out then get in contact."

Matt Stark Heilbronn

Matt Stark is based in Germany, near Stuttgart, and he has now been working for over 25 years as a professional photographer. Specialised in still life and corporate photography, he offers his customers state-of-the-art productions.

His imagery can be described as clean, fresh and dynamic. His striving for perfect pictures is also reflected in his extensive and modern equipment, so it easily meets the requirements of his customers for high quality imagery.

Matt works on location, wherever his clients need him to be, or in his own studio. Remote shoots are also possible if the customer is not on site.

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj Copenhagen

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is a still life photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He specialises in advertising and editorial assignments and has been shooting professionally for the past 18 years.

Mikkel's clean, graphic and colourful style defines his work and emphasises his goal to create images with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feel. He loves the creative and technical challenges of working in photography and approaches each product he shoots with the same dedication to create stunning imagery. 

Recent companies added to the client list are Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664, Bonduelle, Inter Flora and Domino's Pizza.

When not busy working for his often long-time clients, Mikkel enjoys working on his own personal projects and coaching his son’s football team.

Mikkel has been featured consistently in Lürzer's Archive’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide since 2016.

Stay up-to-date with his work on his website and Instagram.

Nicholas Duers New York

Nicholas Duers is a commercial still-life photographer/director in New York City. His award-winning work can be seen in commissions from such notable brands as YSL, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Netflix, Stuart Weitzman, Harry Winston, David Yurman, John Hardy, and Adidas/Y3, among others. Nicholas has been shooting predominantly in NYC since 2007, servicing agencies, brands, and magazines in the fashion, beauty, entertainment, and luxury goods sectors.

His works have been recognized by Graphis, Px3 Paris, the Intl'l Photo Awards, Moscow Int'l Foto Awards, Tokyo Int'l Foto Awards, Advertising Photographers of America, Surface Magazine's Avant Guardian, and Photo District News, among others.

He studied fine art photography at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, WA before further developing his aesthetic at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Today, he operates out of his studio in Midtown Manhattan, and is represented in the US by Farimah Milani.

Represented by JSR Omer Knaz London

Omer Knaz is best recognised for his still life and luxury goods photography, photographing jewels, watches, colognes, and accessories for publications and top brands around the world.

He has a wealth of photography experience and brings knowledge, zeal, and dedication to every brief, creating dynamic images for the advertising, editorial, and business sectors.

Whilst using the most up-to-date digital camera technology and lighting equipment, Omer retains a firm belief in applying these tools only to enhance the image, leaving as much as possible to be created ‘in camera’.

His powerful lighting and compositional abilities, which he learned via the discipline of film photography, give his photographs a feeling of realism that is so frequently compromised these days and is ideal for luxury products.

Clients include Tatler, UK Vogue, GQ, How to Spend It, 1843 Magazine, De Beers, David Morris, McDonald’s, Jo Malone, Aesop, Unilever, Harrods and Space NK to name a few.

Omer is represented by JSR; See more from Omer's work here and you can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest projects.

Rich Begany New York

Using his artistic intuition, Rich Begany has created captivating images for some of the most dominant brands in the beauty industry. With a single frame, he is able to breathe life and emotion into his images, entrancing the onlooker with its story.

Rich has a deep understanding of the seductive powers of color and texture and with that has developed an impressive portfolio of effective images used in advertising, editorials and other commercial outlets. Located in New York City, Rich produces his studio-based photography for clients near and far utilizing a range of photographic and digital tools from capture through postproduction.

Rich Begany has lent his discerning eye to top companies such as MAC CosmeticsMaybelline and Estee Lauder, visually capturing the true essence of each product he photographs.

Sara Morris London

London-based still life photographer and director Sara Morris combines her mastery of beautiful lighting with her technical expertise and problem-solving skills to produce the most engaging imagery.

Sara’s make-up and perfume work includes images of beautiful liquid shapes that are delicate but tangible, fluid yet defined, with lighting that enhances perfectly the objects enveloped within the liquid colour clouds.

Sara is skilled at accentuating textures and colours - how she composes her shots is both playful and arresting.

Sara shoots from her own large studio that is situated beside the canal in Haggerston, London N1. This comes fully equipped with a kitchen and a separate client area.

Sara and her team look forward to discussing any exciting projects you have coming up. Feel free to get in touch!

You can follow Sara on Instagram here or check out her website. Sara is represented by Clare Fletcher.

Tom Michas Chicago

Tom Michas is a Queer Chicago-based fashion and beauty photographer who creates contemporary imagery with a focus on minimalism and luxury.

He thrives on high-production value and collaboration with strong personalities. Possessing a discerning eye for detail, Tom strives to create photographs that are sharp and evocative.

His experience as a commercial photographer and retoucher allows him to fulfill a client's vision from layout to finish.