The award-winning campaign for Alma Alzheimer, lifestyle imagery for Sony, footwear in action and more

Alex Waber Vancouver

"A fashion photographer named Alex
Who shoots for brands like Arcteryx
His work's been in Vogue
He works on the road
So if you’re planning a shoot,
...think Alex.

(It's really hard to rhyme with Alex!)"

Anatol Gottfried Germany - Spain - South Africa

Immersed in an aura of positivity, Anatol Gottfried, the talented German photographer, painstakingly crafts each image, ensuring that light, color, and composition harmonise seamlessly. With every click of the shutter, he constructs a vivid narrative, infusing his work with the very essence of the human spirit. His photographs transcend mere moments, serving as powerful testimonies to the profound beauty and resilience inherent in the human experience.

In an age inundated with imagery, authenticity and distinctiveness emerge as the crucial elements to capture attention. For Anatol, storytelling—an art that defies formula—becomes his secret weapon.

Anticipate captivating projects set to launch soon. Anatol's ceaseless exploration knows no geographical limits, making him available for work worldwide.

Check his website and follow him on Instagram.

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"Collaboration and teamwork is key. I love working with a large crew on a production. It is a beautiful thing to watch people come together and accomplish a singular goal. It is uplifting, inspiring and joyful.

And at the end of the day, I am reminded this wellspring of togetherness is waiting within the subconscious."

Cameron is represented by The Gren Group.

David Ross Australia

David Ross, an advertising, sports and lifestyle photographer hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, exudes energy and passion for his craft. He thrives in collaborative environments and is driven by achieving tangible results.

His knack for freezing dynamic movement while accentuating intricate details is a craft he's mastered through years of capturing high-energy sports moments. His portfolio boasts of crisp, impactful images that resonate and ignite inspiration.

David's expertise extends to collaborating with esteemed brands such as My Muscle Chef, Reebok, Puma, Under Armour, Rebel Sport, and more, enriching his repertoire.

With a professional background encompassing production, photography, and retouching, David is adept at covering every aspect of the creative process with finesse.

Ellen McDermott New York

New York City-based photographer Ellen McDermott and creative partner Bridget Sciales create imagery that instantly provokes the viewer into a time and space which is both intimate and visceral. Through refined lighting and composition, product becomes objects of desire which immerses the viewer immediately. 

Ellen, a native New Englander, and Bridget, a native New Yorker, both hold BFA degrees and use their fine arts backgrounds to create passionate graphic interpretations which carry an ageless quality and drives messaging that is both provocative and effective. 

Their photography evokes emotion which enhances the digital experience for consumers across e-commerce, marketing, and content creation. Believing that every object, either animate or inanimate, has a presence and a soul ready to be coaxed out.

The work can be seen in ad campaigns, digital content, magazines, books, corporate assignments and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Clients include Ralph Lauren, L’Oréal, Brooks Brothers, Chicos, One Kings Lane, Iconix Brands, Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Cottages and Gardens, Christie's, Sotheby’s, and Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt among others.

Jesse Rieser California

From the age of 17, Jesse Rieser began looking through a lens, making portraits filled with telling details and compelling characters. He quickly became recognised for not only his success with commercial clients, but also in the fine art world. His work inspires engagement, drawing in the viewer, causing them to wonder about the subjects and the stories they have to tell.

With over 40 exhibitions, Rieser continues to find ways of injecting art into his advertising photography. Here we see work from his personal practice paired with client commissions for Adobe, adidas, Arizona Office of Tourism, AT&T, E*Trade and The Lottery.

Clients find him as a creative additive to the collaborative process, not only with his technical expertise, but also in the ideation phase. He feels his greatest currency is how he communicates and sees the world. Some call it empathy. Some call it charm. His mom just says he’s a nice young man.

Joe Scarnici California

"Though not a sneakerhead or collector, I've always enjoyed capturing footwear. I've shot photos for Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, Prince Tennis, Airwalk, Vision Street Wear, Vans, and more. I love shooting these lifestyle campaigns because they require a unique approach to creativity. You have to think from the shoe's perspective and ultimately give it its personality! Shooting at ground level, I establish a connection between the shoe, wearer, and environment, weaving stories that resonate with the objective.

My distinctive approach has led me to collaborate with industry giants like K-Swiss and Adidas, translating their brand essence into dynamic visual tales. Each shoot presents a challenge: distilling a sneaker's essence, design, and cultural significance into a single frame. It's more than product photography; it's about capturing a lifestyle, a movement, an energy.

Every angle tells a different story, evoking diverse emotions and making each shoot an adventure in storytelling. My goal is to showcase the footwear and evoke the sensations of wearing it, creating images that resonate deeply with viewers, ultimately supporting the marketing initiative to buy."

Karsten Koch Hamburg

Meet Karsten Koch, the lens luminary who turns life's ordinary moments into extraordinary snapshots. With over two decades of passion for photography, he's still as captivated by the magic of capturing real emotions as he was on day one.

Karsten's talent isn't confined to stills; he seamlessly blends photography with cinematic flair. Take, for instance, his latest venture, the Licor 43 campaign with M&C Saatchi Berlin. From print to social media and TV, Karsten's lens brings stories to life across platforms.

In a world of fleeting images, Karsten's work stands out for its authenticity and depth. He doesn't just take pictures; he crafts visual narratives that resonate long after the shutter clicks. With Karsten, every moment is a story waiting to be told.

Lubo Sergeev Bulgaria

Lubo Sergeev boasts a remarkable career as a renowned photographer and digital artist, amassing an impressive 25 years of expertise in the realms of advertising and commercial image production.  

Throughout his journey, he has garnered numerous prestigious awards for his exceptional work.

Lucila Blumencweig Barcelona - Buenos Aires - New York

Lucila Blumencweig has been immersed in a multitude of captivating and fulfilling projects in recent months. Teaming up with David Miami, she played a pivotal role in bringing Coca-Cola's latest campaign, 'Frame Magic', to life.

Produced by Rocket to the Moon, the campaign takes a refreshingly honest and unique approach, showcasing the simple yet magical moments of everyday life when people unite. It proved to be a significant challenge, but the collaborative efforts of the entire agency and production team made for incredibly enjoyable days, culminating in the creation of fresh, captivating, and beautiful imagery.

Additionally, Lucila was involved in promoting the new Alma Alzheimer campaign, a poignant project executed in collaboration with Republica Havas Miami and the La Perla team. This campaign has deeply touched the hearts of many, shedding light on the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's.

The images, captured in natural light, reflect meticulous scouting efforts to achieve the desired lighting and effectively convey the campaign's message. This endeavor has already garnered several prestigious CLIO Prizes, a source of immense pride for the entire team.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

Though he is always on the move, Matt Zugale calls Philadelphia home. Matt’s diverse clientele includes Lavazza, The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Columbia University’s Miller Theater, GoFundMe, Burger King, and many others.

Recently, he has worked in New York, London, Miami, and beyond for global financial firms and fashion brands.

Matt’s improvisational and approachable nature is crucial to his work: this fosters collaboration with his subjects, and motivates clients to return year after year. Consistency establishes visual identities. His warm images celebrate the brands and people before his lens.

Matthew McQuillan London

Currently based in London, Matthew McQuillan's photography reflects the energy and diversity of his surroundings. His constructed reportage approach blends documentary storytelling with creative techniques, resulting in a cinematic and colourful aesthetic that sets him apart in the industry.

His latest project, 'Phantom', delves into the multifaceted aspects of Walid's life. Capturing the nuances of his phantom limb pain, his transition from being a refugee to a Paralympic hopeful and prosthetist. Photographer/director Matthew McQuillan shot moving image and photography side by side. Dovetailing two ment we could tell this story in a super efficient and cohesive way.

Metro Studio Colombia

"Embark on an unparalleled visual odyssey at Metro Studio, Colombia's foremost hub for High-Speed Table-Top mastery in food and beverage production. Under the visionary guidance of director Giovanni Granada, we pioneer Visual Engineering, reimagining image creation with breathtaking visuals captured at an unprecedented thousand frames per second.

For discerning creators dedicated to top-tier visuals, Metro Studio represents the pinnacle of perfection. Our meticulous precision and exhaustive testing, utilising state-of-the-art robotic systems, mechatronics, and the formidable BOLT-CINEBOT, establish new standards for visual excellence in Colombia. Witness a game-changing approach – magnify your budget's impact within this innovative and cost-effective Colombian team, where inventive ingenuity propels projects to unparalleled success.

We've refined Visual Engineering into a finely choreographed art, eradicating uncertainty for creators to navigate projects with unwavering assurance. Step into the realm of Metro Studio, where Colombian innovation converges with dynamic creativity, propelling your production to unparalleled heights. Join us as we redefine the landscape of High-Speed Table-Top mastery.

Metro Studio, where technology becomes art."

Nigel Riches London

Whether directing TV commercials or shooting global advertising campaigns, Nigel’s work has appeared all over the world. He brings a wealth of experience to the projects he and his team undertake. They have been together for many years, which makes them a very efficient unit: his digital assistant is also a very experienced still life photographer, and their DoP is a great editor and film maker. They are therefore able to multi task on shoots producing many valuable assets for their clients, in often limited time.

Based in London, they have worked all over the world, for brands such as: Sony, Puma, Samsung, Ballantines, JTI, Amazon, BAT, Peroni, Johnnie Walker, and worked with advertising agencies, such as McCann, TBWA, Ogilvy and JWT, their broad  scope covers drinks, pharmaceuticals, sports and all people related lifestyle. Testimony to this teamwork is the regular repeat commissions they receive from clients.

Robert Stanley Commercial Photography London

"I’m an experienced commercial still life photographer and videographer with over 15 years in the business.

My clients include Sainsbury’s, L’Oreal, Shell, WH Smith, Ocado, Kurt Geiger, The Telegraph, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Clarks among many others.

I shoot out of my own well-equipped studio in West London, as well as on location around the UK and worldwide.

I’m extremely approachable before, during, and after a shoot, and I find the process of working as a team to create images extremely rewarding. I also run my own packshot photography studio, so I understand shoots from a business point of view, as well as a technical and creative point of view, and I know that the ultimate outcome from a commercial photo shoot is to produce images that will sell your product.

I’m very technically minded and experienced with an array of lighting techniques. However, my style is colourful, bold and energic, with a hint of lifestyle."


SARAHDAW is an established and bespoke agency for high quality advertising photography for print and online.

"We enjoy working with a diverse range of clients along with established international and heritage brands.

Over the years we’ve learnt how to form formidable creative allegiances. Through our partnerships we can utilise the talents of our friends and associates to deliver what you need for your campaign.

A gorgeous combination of imagination, industry experience, trust and creativity is what SARAHDAW is all about, and what shines through the projects we facilitate."