15 Extraordinary Food Photographers and Directors Worldwide: Ocado's Summer campaign, two stunning covers for Delicious Magazine, POS work for Tim Horton's, and much more

Aguilar London

Pedro Aguilar is a London-based advertising photographer and artist passionate about all aspects of image-making.

He has collaborated with many international brands and advertising agencies as a photographer, as well as offering a full creative-postproduction service from his studio in West London.

In his most recent project, Pedro teamed-up with advertising agency DAVID to create a series of visuals of Volvic Touch of Fruit.

Andy Grimshaw London

London-based photographer Andy Grimshaw specialises in food, drink, and still life photography. He operates out of his central London studio, which includes a fully equipped kitchen and client work area.

Andy collaborates with a team of experienced freelance home economists, assistants, prop stylists, and retouchers, enabling him to assemble a specialised team to meet all your photoshoot requirements. For projects based in the US, Andy's North American producer can assist in coordinating a team.

In his recent work, Andy has collaborated with renowned brands on various projects. He has shot advertising campaigns for Grey Goose, Innocent, Dash Water, and Marks and Spencer. Additionally, he has contributed to the rebranding efforts of companies such as Dr. Oetker Pizza, Princes, Lays, Doritos, Napolina, Crosse & Blackwell, and McVitie's.

Andy Lewis Australia

Andy recently won a Lion award at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity for the Cardboard Cake.

Food and drink photographer Andy Lewis’s portfolio boasts a stunning array of work, ranging from vibrant close-ups of fresh ingredients to sumptuous table spreads that evoke a sense of indulgence and luxury. His ability to craft light and composition brings each dish to life, creating images that not only showcase the food but also tell a compelling story. Andy Lewis stands at the forefront of food photography with his unparalleled vision and technical prowess.

Andy began his journey into food photography in 2004, driven by his love for both photography and cooking. Since then, he has honed his craft, mastering the art of capturing the textures, colours, and flavours that make each dish unique.

Andy has collaborated with top chefs, leading advertising agencies, and food brands worldwide, bringing their culinary creations to the forefront of digital and print media. His work has graced the pages of prestigious magazines, OOH, TV, websites, packaging, and social media, earning accolades for its creativity and visual impact.

Whether you're a chef looking to showcase your latest culinary masterpiece or a brand seeking captivating visuals for your marketing campaigns, Andy Lewis offers a bespoke approach to food photography that exceeds expectations.

Represented by Emily Inman Brian Wright Chicago

Brian Wright is a Chicago-based food and beverage photographer/director. He works with a diverse clientele, including major CPG companies, international fast-food chains, design firms, and ad agencies.

Brian has been shooting entire brand redesigns, OLV, POS, menu boards, national ads, and social media content in his 4000-square-foot studio in the West Loop and on location. We are showcasing some of these great projects, allowing you to see what Brian's images look like "in the wild.”

Brian is known for his ability to select the best crew for each assignment and his collaborative working style with clients. This creative synergy allows his studio to create beautiful and impactful images.

Visit Brian's website or follow him on Instagram to see more of his portfolio. If you want to ask about upcoming projects, you can contact Brian's agent, Emily Inman, at +1 312-343-9165 or email her.

Chrissie Knudsen Pittsburgh - New York

Having recently joined Production Paradise, this is Chrissie's first time being part of the Food & Drink Spotlight.

Chrissie's creative focus is on crafting a vibrant, elevated, and epicurean style, which stems from a lifelong obsession with food, travel, and hospitality. She leans into a refined and gourmet aesthetic that is also bright and inviting.

Having formerly worked in the nonprofit sector running campaigns designed to tell powerful stories, Chrissie has a keen understanding of how to communicate mission and brand identity in order to compel consumer action.

She splits her time between Pittsburgh, PA and CT/NYC.

Fuze Reps Canada

Founded 20 years ago, FUZE Reps is a women-owned and operated, full-service management and production agency.

"We represent award-winning diverse photographers & directors, and CGI artists, offering customised expert support for each project's unique needs.

Our goal is to ensure smooth communication and technical execution, fostering meaningful relationships with artistic integrity at the core of our business. We constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We handle all aspects of project management and production, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish and each project benefits from a team specifically tailored to its unique requirements.

We represent a wide range of creatives, from emerging talent to established artists, providing award-winning visual solutions.

Our team is committed to maintaining artistic integrity while delivering innovative and impactful visual content. At FUZE Reps, we prioritise fostering meaningful relationships and evolving with the industry's dynamic landscape. Our dedication to understanding and adapting to client needs ensures that we remain at the forefront of creative visual solutions."

Joe Pellegrini Chicago

With over 20 years of experience, Joe Pellegrini has been an industry leader in the fields of product photography and food & drink photography. Beyond his expertise in photography, he is also a skilled painter, infusing his artistic sensibilities into national campaigns for renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson, and Ziploc.

For the past 11 years, he has been the go-to photographer for Subway, responsible for capturing their national and international print and outdoor ads, as well as their in-store displays.

Unflappable, Joe has made a career delivering memorable imagery with the utmost professionalism for products ranging from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.

On shoot days, Joe's studio is filled with energy as clients indulge in mini candy bars. Meanwhile, Joe collaborates with a talented team of food stylists, special effects experts, and digital technicians. Together, they approach each shot with practiced efficiency, ensuring exceptional results and a track record of success.

Joseph Keller Boston

Joseph Keller is a seasoned Boston-based photographer specialising in food, beverage, and lifestyle imagery with an impressive 27+ years in the industry.

His extensive portfolio boasts collaborations with prominent clients like America’s Test Kitchen, Keurig, Food Network Magazine, and Au Bon Pain Cafe. Joseph's work has graced the covers of over 100 magazines and cookbooks.

From detailed food shoots to expansive lifestyle productions, Joseph excels in both studio settings and on-location shoots. His passion for the creative process and his collaborative approach result in stunning, impactful images. Joseph values the contributions of every team member, and his clients consistently commend his calm demeanor and high level of professionalism.

Kris Kirkham London

Kris's love of food and passion for creativity led him to a career in food photography. His years as an award-winning chef have given him a proper understanding of what makes food taste and look fantastic.

Kris’ images bring out the natural beauty of food. His dramatic and punchy style draws the audience in and sparks their imagination; every image tells a story.

Over the years, Kris has built fantastic relationships with incredible brands, including Nando's, Deliveroo, Sainsbury's, Itsu and Subway, working with them to capture imagery that captivates their audiences.

This Spotlight includes some recent examples of Kris's work for Waitrose and two front covers for Delicious Magazine.

Reach out to Kris directly through his website or connect with his agent at Style Department to discover how his food photography can bring your ideas to life.

Marc Haydon London

Marc Haydon has been busy working with briefs that require a sense of realness that people can relate to.

Working with talented prop sylists, he has been creating settings where the product feels at home, whether that be a gastro pub, summer garden or boutique bakery, he can make it happen from his studio in Shepherds Bush.

Melissa Reynolds James London

Melissa Reynolds-James is a photographer and prop stylist based in South London. Melissa is most well known for her food and drink photography but she also shoots portraits and still life.

This Spotlight focuses on two of her most recent projects.

First, Melissa is proud to say she shot and styled the new cookbook from Emily Gussin 'Don’t Waste Your Pumpkin', published by Murdoch books and due for release this September. Melissa loved creating the cosy, fall feel of this book through her choice of props and use of lighting and composition.

Secondly Melissa has worked with Ocado across their Summer campaign. Her work can be found on the online supermarket’s website, socials, magazine and also OOH on digital displays in locations such as London Bridge. Perhaps most notable is the giant picnic blanket found on screen at London Euston Station, the biggest DOOH display in Europe!

Sigourney Whitesel London

Sigourney Whitesel Studio stands out as a top-tier creative force, celebrated for its innovative approach to brand storytelling through vibrant colors and imaginative design.

The studio, led by Sigourney and her dynamic team, has recently worked on some exciting projects with brands such as Malfy Gin, Food Thoughts and Rheal Superfoods. With a solid reputation in the food and beverage advertising industry, Sigourney has successfully driven campaigns for brands like Funkin' Cocktails, California Prune Board and Halo Top.

Their work is characterised by a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic, expertly blending diverse elements to bring products to life in a unique and engaging way.

Whether you're looking for stunning photography, captivating stop-motion animations, engaging videos, or irresistible user-generated content for social media, Sigourney Whitesel Studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Stephen Hamilton Chicago

Stephen Hamilton is an award-winning food and beverage director and photographer who built his career on a passion for showcasing food in a natural and enticing style, always pushing the envelope in pursuit of honest, authentic imagery that heightens taste appeal.

Stephen combined his talents with those of a full-service production company to create Stephen Hamilton Productions, featuring a world-class crew of food stylists, prop stylists, lighting technicians, and special effects professionals.

Working with Stephen Hamilton Productions is like enjoying fresh food and delicious cocktails on a perfect summer evening. You’ll enjoy a warm welcome, a refreshing perspective, an abundance of flavor, and a delightful experience leaving a lasting impression you won’t soon forget.

Steve Buchanan Maryland

Steve Buchanan discovered his passion for photography at the age of 14, while working at 7-Eleven, stocking shelves. It was a fateful moment when he noticed the label on the back of a roll of Kodak film, which read, "Take this film to your Kodak processor or develop it yourself using Kodak chemistry."

The realisation that he could develop his own photos ignited a lifelong obsession. Over the years, he has turned his lens toward subjects, ranging from mummies to machine guns. From cherished locations to unforgettable mishaps (like that time in the blast freezer), Steve has continuously sought innovative ways to capture the world's beauty.

Studio XMI California

Studio XMI is a full-service photography studio with a focus on still life commercial food photography.

"We offer in-person and video conference photoshoots for real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world. Our studio includes a working kitchen, 468 square foot shooting space, and a fully furnished lobby."