Making Of

Vienna - Artists Management & Photo Production

Founded 25 years ago by Martina Cerny, Making Of stands as a unique gem in Austria’s fashion and photography industry. As a pioneering styling and photo production agency, they pride themselves on unmatched versatility and innovation.

Martina Cerny, the heart and soul of Making Of, has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and sustainability. Her foresight in establishing comprehensive archives of clothing and props sets her team apart, enabling a more sustainable and contemporary approach to production.

Over the years, Making Of has conducted photo productions for major companies, including high-profile clients such as Casinos Austria, Palmers, Erste Bank, and Wiener Wohnen, showcasing the company's ability to meet the high standards and diverse needs of top-tier clients.

"As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, Making Of remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability, continuing to profoundly influence the Austrian creative scene."