Mona Lorenz

Gmunden - Food & Drink Photographers

Mona Lorenz operates her photo studio nestled in Austria's scenic Salzkammergut. While she loves studio work, she's equally enthusiastic about on-location shoots.

Since studying at the Graphische in Vienna, she has amassed 30 years of experience. A passion for photography still fuels her today; she isn’t one to stagnate. Mona continually evolves her visual storytelling and collaborates with a wide range of clients. Engagement is key for her; whether conversing with clients or partners, she delves deep to understand their products and the stories behind them. Collaboration is at the heart of her process, often teaming up with stylists, chefs, and food experts.

Mona refuses to be confined by labels or categories in her photography work. While she often captures tantalising food images, she's equally adept at documentaries or portraits. As she nears the end of a three-year project, 'Chimera', capturing the essence of a Greek island, Mona aims to revive the forgotten lives of its inhabitants. Far from mere 'ruin porn', it's a poignant photographic journey through time.

To see more of her recent work, visit her website or find her on Instagram and feel free to get in touch.