Beata Isabella Nitzke

Stuttgart - Warsaw - Ibiza - Fashion Stylists

Beata Isabella Nitzke is a Polish-born, Stuttgart-based freelance fashion stylist, fashion editor, and creative director with many years of experience. She divides her time between Stuttgart, Warsaw, and Ibiza.

Beata loves working in both women's and men's fashion, adapting to each client's wishes with passion and good humour. She speaks German, Polish, and English.

An incredibly talented artist with endless imagination, Beata excels in team settings, managing projects with creativity, energy, sensitivity, and a keen sense for colours and trends.

Her fashion portfolio includes work for publications such as L’Officiel, Gala, HUF Magazine, Kaltblut, Solstice, and many more. Beata also works for lookbooks and catalogues from fashion Lagerhaus to sport fashion SPORT 2000, and commercial clients including Mercedes, Siemens, Bosch and Kaercher.

For Beata, "good styling is like a gentle, radiant smile. It is never too imposing and yet can be seen by everyone; it never says too much and lets you know the whole story."

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