Lichtenberg & Gray

Munich - Full Service Production for Photo & Film

Lichtenberg & Gray Productions is a full-service film and photo production company offering a wide range of services to brands, advertising agencies, and photographers. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, LGP has built up an extensive network of highly skilled crews in Europe.

Based in Munich, Lichtenberg & Gray specialise in developing and producing content and campaigns for both national and international clients. Their strength lies in the production of TV commercials, corporate films, online content, and professional photography.

Following clients have trusted them with their projects: Adidas, Aral, Audi, Baldessarini, Barilla, BMW, Bugatti, Cathay Pacific, Daimler Chrysler, Haribo, Hugo Boss, Lufthansa, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Mobil Oil, Nike, Opel, Porsche, Postbank, Reebok, Sony, Staud, Swisscom, VW and many more - as well as broadcasting stations worldwide.

Featured in this Showcase are two recent productions: a men's fashion editorial for Approved Magazine in Munich and a fashion shoot conducted in Cannes during the film festival. Both were shot in May.