You Know My Name

Paris - Full Photo & Film Production Services

You Know My Name is a French production company that operates in the fashion and beauty, editorial and commercial sectors.

You Know My Name delivers a comprehensive range of services, from creative consulting to art buying, casting, location scouting, set design, styling, shooting and post-production.

YKMN’s portfolio includes working with renowned fashion talents like Alexi Lubomirski, Tom Craig, Fede Delibes, Riccardo Raspa, Laurent Humbert, Miranda Almond, Lisa Eldridge, Stéphane Lancien, Olivier Schawalder, Raffaele Cariou, Amit Israeli, Pepe Lobez, Marius Uhlig, and Thistle Brown.

Current clients: Sandro Paris, Christian Louboutin, Monoprix, Balibaris, La Fée Maraboutée, Publicis, Marie Claire Magazine, Behind the Blinds, and more.