Boudika Productions

Canary Islands - Full Photo & Film Production Services

"Boudika Productions, as a boutique production service company, turns your ideas into stunning visual experiences. With over 25 years in the game, our crew of seasoned pros brings a fresh and dynamic touch to films, high-profile commercials, fashion shoots, and music videos.

Collaborating with brands like Zara, Hyundai, The North Face, or Burberry, we showcase our ability to handle projects of any scale and style for global production companies such as Stink in Berlin, Zak Media in London, Chris Boals Artists in New York, The Box Films in Milan or Livetribe in LA and more.

We meticulously plan every detail of pre-production ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. Our deep local knowledge, particularly our strategic use of the jaw-dropping locations in the Canary Islands, serves as our secret weapon. These unique spots provide the perfect backdrop for any production, and our team ensures everything runs smoothly through efficient permit management and well-organized logistics, maximizing efficiency while staying within budget.

We embrace the latest technology and offer a full suite of services, from casting and crew management to top-notch equipment rentals. Our dedication and flexibility guarantee exceptional quality delivered on time for every production, no matter the size of the project.

For a partnership rooted in human creativity and connection, choose Boudika Productions. Explore our portfolio and services at Boudika Productions and ENJOY FILMING!"